Digital Marketing Secrets Introduction

Hi, This is Yashan Aggarwal. I am long ago belongs to this Digital world, But recently I Join IDM Marketing Services to Boost my Skills and Knowledge in World Of Digital Marketing. The first-day class is mind Blowing, Shreejay sir is Superb, he changed my way in the way I used to watch the digital world. So, I am starting …

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Apple Basic Troubleshooting with 29 Error codes

The easiest way to avoid the help of service centres when looking for problems is to use the built-in methods of diagnosis the Mac. In this article, we’ll show you How to do apple basic troubleshooting how to run and use the Apple Hardware Test and Apple Diagnostics. With the help of standard diagnostic tools, it is possible to effectively detect …

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Top 9 Off-Page SEO techniques for fast ranking

Off-page SEO is not just putting links to other websites it’s just more than that, it’s about a website that has his Synchronized On-page SEO and gets healthy referrals from High Authority Domain.Hi, this is Yashan Aggarwal talking about the best ideas that work in Search Engine Optimization. Search engine Optimization has many factors to rank any website i.e As per Brian Dean Google has near about 200 …

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Bullet shot On-Page SEO techniques that work in 2020

all Users or Visitors they have very smart and fast forward they know now what is going on in www, so be careful about Your content and Information. So, guys, This is Yashan Aggarwal Telling you the Bullet shot of On Page SEO 2018 and make them fast to list your site in Search engine. First of all, as in term …

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Cq40 Basic Laptop Standby Supply Description

CQ40 laptop Standby supply If CQ40 laptop has a good B+ main supply which necessary for the system to turn on always supplies(3VL and 5VL). Always supply is to maintain the system in a ready state before pressing the power button.TPS51125 is used in CQ40 for laptop standby supply regulation.Note: Check B+ and Charging supply Articles for DetailsLDO or Standby …

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A laptop battery is charged by an external power. Which is usually output dc voltage and provides power to system and charge battery simultaneously. When battery fully charged continue supply to the system through the adaptor and cut battery charging. Every laptop has its type of configured battery charging circuit. The charging process is managed by multi-controllers like:
Charging ic
• KBC I/O controller (for battery temperature, level, enable and adaptor detection)
• Battery internal ROM chip or external ROM u28 (battery must be connected)
First of all system supply B+(main supply source) is available for system startup

Note: for more on B+ Supply Read Article 

dc jack
ADP_ID or Adaptor Id pin Function: (fault cause: unknown adaptor or not battery charging)

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