Best no.1 Lenovo Bios Extractor from EXE File

This Lenovo bios Extractor tool is for laptop engineers who want to work fast and proper way. this tool is work for many compression in Lenovo executable files.

It also extracts Ec bios if it’s available in bios to decompress the file. Ec file is available in many main bios nowadays so we wanna take advantage of it by using this Laptoprefix tool.

it some automatic functions help you understand the number of bios chip uses and calculation of the size of the file. and save for you at any location you want.

Lenovo laptop bios Extract Features

  • Auto find Descriptor region and other regions.
  • Auto fix bios bin File size.
  • Extract EC bios for ENE and ITE.
  • Support the latest extract of Lenovo bios.

Our Other Laptop Bios Extractor

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