Basic Laptop Power States (S0-S5) For Skillful in Repairs

Windows-based PCs and laptops typically have six sleeping states ranging from “power on” to fully functional laptops. laptop Power states are represented by as follows.

  1. S0 (Fully functional with data execution )
  2. S1 (CPU stop working but all powers is active)
  3. S2 (This state is not generally found in laptops)
  4. S3 (Only Ram has power and data remain.)
  5. S4 (Data is saved in non-volatile memory like HDD and all run power is off )
  6. S5 (Soft-off all suspend/run powers off )

CQ40 power planes with laptop Power states:

CQ40 power states description

S0 (working state):

This is a fully functional system in which users do their work.

S1 (power on suspend mode):

In this sleep power state, CPU stops executing data from the system. which is usually like to turn off the display, stop display driver. Flush CPU registers ALU section stopped working. After all this
The power of the CPU is ON. It takes less time to recover in S0 (working state) and it consumes more power in sleep mode near about 160 watts.


This state no longer used.

S3 (standby mode):

In this standby mode state, only memory data and supply are ON to save user data. When a user works, all operations like files of the operating system, docs, all running applications are in main memory so all user’s work retains recover the same, where he left it last time. This state consumes less power from S1 OR S2 modes near about 7-15watts. and takes slightly more time to S0 comparatively S1 and S2.
Note: provide some Laptops and desktops bios provide to change suspend mode switching options from S3 to S1 for fast recovery to S0. but consume more power

S4 (Hibernate Mode):

This is the state where all data and its working image of ram memory is stored in the hard disk which is a non-volatile memory after saving the image system is shut all run system supplies. The system needs to restart to recover in S0 mode.
Note: S4 and S3 both function as the same model but the difference is recovered time and data secure. If S3 mode loses power it can’t recover user data but S4 saves it on HDD so it easy and securely recover if power is lost.

S5 (soft off or shut down):

It completes turn off all run powers of laptop and does not save any data like S4 mode.
Although it is off but can wake up through a keyboard, LAN, and USB cards for woke up the system.

Thats its.

these are the power states of laptop by which any laptop has to go through.

i think you under stand all these if you have any query related to laptop power states please comment below.

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