Top 10 Laptop Repair Forums Every One Should Know

Online Laptop Repair World is increasing day by day. Repair information is throughout on the web in form of case studies, tips and tricks. we usually see in forum type of discussion websites and blogs where engineers can find knowledge and skills. Some of the forums give free access and some are paid or in the form of contribution (like point basis). I am also engaged with my laptoprefix.com where members can post and upload data to earn points and access area like conversation bios files. Case studies are free to read without login but only for images user should log in.So Here I Describe some of them are popular forum sites I know most and use to find problems.

This is one of my favourite forum sites. It’s in the Russian language Designed in PhpBB and very well arranged to understand its informational area is mostly hard disk, password, laptop repair and bios firmware.An account is free and accessible.

This forum is in The Polish language. Mostly famous for the schematic. it has a huge amount of schematics for different devices. but very hard to participate in form very hard control. administration and moderation are very strict. it’s totally pointing base forum.

This forum is a Chinese based simply contributed forum you have to earn point by uploading your information and data. Then you can download something. So if you do not contribute this site is not for you.

Same as above this site is a massive hit in china and other regions for repair skills and case studies. Most of the technical exercises are written by engineers on daily case studies, much more here to learn about repair either it’s for mobile or laptops.

This forum is in Russian Language and knowledge level is in every field of electronics and software. no points required for download and upload free to share.this is very good and recommended a site for all.

This site is in the Vietnamese language. and usually used for schematics but now it also turns to be a good forum site for laptop repairs.

This is also free of contribution site. all data is free to access fully charity site. I always happy and confident when I find something on this site. mostly use for bios files and schematics.

This site is for Schematics only any other info is mostly for members only.

its very good site for schematics and pdfs for repairs in mobile and laptops.By default, anyone can download two schematics per day.

Vlab has very expert users. they have very latest info available on site for discussion I personally recommended to use this site for learning new things.

Some other forums sites are: www.refixya.com,





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